Owner of Vegas Upholstery standing next to a reupholstered couch
Reupholstered Queen Ann Chair at Vegas Upholstery
Motorcycle-seat-1992 Reupholstered
1992 Sofa Reupholstered by Vegas Upholstery
High back Upholstered chair done by Vegas Upholstery
RV Seats Reupholstered at Vegas Upholstery in 1993
Vintage Channel back chair upholstered by Vegas Upholstery
Set of reupholstered chairs done in 1993 at Vegas Upholstery
Set of Vintage Chairs reupholstered by Vegas Upholstery
Old fashioned couch reupholstered by vegas upholstery
Reupholstered Chair & Stool done at Vegas Upholstery
White chair reupholstered at our shop, Vegas Upholstery
High Back Chair reupholstered by Vegas Upholstery
Old fashion Blue Chair Upholstered by Vegas Upholstery
Old Chair Before/ Upholstered/ Vegas Upholstery Old Chair After/ Upholstered/ Vegas Upholstery

Take a look back into our history at Vegas Upholstery. We take a lot of pride being a local business in the community. As you can see the style might of changed over the years but, our passion has not! Even after 20 years in business we still love opening our doors everyday. We are still devoted to the art of upholstery even after all these years. Our love for furniture upholstery has only grown along with our skillset. We hope you enjoy these throwback pictures. It reminds us of our humble beginnings and how grateful we are to still be in business. Because of our customers and the reputation we have built allows us to continue serving our community. Thank you.