Why not bargain fabrics?

In today’s fabric manufacturing it is often difficult to know what you are buying, especially with ‘bargain’ fabrics. We source our fabrics from reputable companies (Charlotte, Barrow, Duralee and Sunbrella fabrics — just to name a few) because we feel confident that these companies provide information about abrasion rating and stain resistance and that if we have any problem with their fabrics they will work to resolve it. In some cases fabrics are manufactured using the same pattern numbers but not the same ingredients. They may be manufactured overseas with different regulations than in the USA. It is often hard to know. Also, unbeknownst to many, fabrics have a shelf life. They lose freshness, can become wrinkled or creased or tear more easily when they are old. They can also fade in color. contact us now

Why Vegas Upholstery?

Vegas Upholstery has over 25 years of experience working with clients and interior designers to provide customers with pieces that they will love. We do all the upholstery work ourselves using the same techniques that have allowed us to gain our current reputation. Plus We Do it all — Residential | Commercial | Auto & Marine | Custom Restorations. Our experience and determination for customer satisfaction makes us one of the top upholsterers in the Las Vegas valley.

I am undecided between reupholstering my furniture and purchasing a new piece. What should I do?

If you feel that you own a quality piece of furniture and you like it besides the fabric, then it is absolutely worth reupholstering. Many furniture stores sell pieces for under $500; however, these typically have flimsy frames and the entire piece needs to be replaced within a few years. Old furniture is bound to have a solid frame that our shop will be able to work with when reupholstering it. We always use brand new foam when
replacing the foam in your pieces, so having us reupholster your piece of furniture will give it that brand new reupholstery furniture look and feel.

Do I need to purchase fabric from your shop or can I bring my own?

Vegas Upholstery offers a wide selection of fabrics that you can choose from; however, if you feel that you would like to bring in your own fabric, we will suggest the yardage amount needed for your particular reupholstery and do the entire job with your fabric. No Problem!

Can you tell me about the reupholstery process from start to finish?

First, the customer chooses to either bring the piece into our shop or have us come to his or her home (some estimates may be done over email if a picture is attached). We then provide the customer with an estimated cost for labor and an estimated amount of fabric needed for the job. At this point, the customer can choose to purchase fabric or go through Vegas Upholstery to choose the fabric.

Second, if the customer decides to have the piece reupholstered by Vegas Upholstery, the piece is brought in and stripped of the fabric and foam. Our professionals then choose the appropriate foam type and always use brand new foam when reupholstering. If applicable, the wood frames are re-glued and the springs are re-tied.

Third, the new foam is added to the chair and the reupholstering process begins by mastering the upholsterer.

Fourth, the pillows and cushions are cut out of brand new foam and the fabric is applied.

Fifth, often times the customer is contacted to ensure that all the final details have been attended to. Pick-up and delivery is offered. Talk to our manger Hunter about the details. The customer now has a piece of furniture that they can enjoy for years to come!

How much does it cost to get a piece of furniture reupholstered?

Prices vary depending on the piece, style, and size of the furniture.

Can reupholstering my furniture raise its value?

Absolutely it can! For example; If you have an antique piece of furniture that just needs some new foam and fabric. We can restore its value and bring it back to life. This can be the case for almost any piece of furniture in your home.

Is reupholstering my old furniture safe or good for the environment?

Reupholstering and repurposing is always the best route to go when it comes to your old or unwanted furniture. It surely beats the alternative of throwing your furniture away and having it wasted in a landfill.. By reupholstering you are helping the environment by reducing waste, carbon footprint, and most of all time. We love showing our customers what is possible when it comes to their unwanted pieces. The best part is that you get a brand new piece of furniture with a unique style while helping the environment in the process. reupholstery your furniture now.


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