9 DIY steps to create your own custom seat cushion

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Custom Seat cushion/

Supplies Needed

Dust Cover for chair

Step 1- Place dust cover cloth over the top of your seat. Measure circumference of the seat by tracing an outline on the dust cover with chalk. Then remove the dust cover and cut out the outline. Make sure you cut outside the line just to reduce errors. You can always recut the outline again if it is too large the first time. For this example; our cushion we are making will be 18 x 18 inches so our dust cover will measure accordingly.


Leather Fabric/

Step 2 –  Next we will lay out the fabric on a clean surface. You can use a large table or your floor, just make sure you have plenty of room. You will need to be able to move around easily. For fabric, we are using a vinyl from Charlotte’s fabric called, M351 Crimson red. But you can use whatever fabric you’d like. Next you will place your dust cover cutout on top of your fabric and trace another outline. Then remove the dust cover and make another cutout. Make sure you cut (outside of the line). After you are done, you will repeat the process one more time. These two cutouts will be your bottom and top of your chair cushion. To complete this step, the last thing you will need to do is place the two pieces on top of each other and cut out four small cutouts on all four sides. (See picture for example). These four cutouts will be important later.

Fabric Cutout/www.vegasupholstery.comClose up cutout/

Step 3 – Cutting out a border along with the strap pieces. The border will be the center piece that connects the top and bottom cutouts together. Think of this piece as the necessary bridge connecting both ends. The border cut out should be (2 inch wide). For the strap you will need to make two cutouts. Both cutouts should be (9L x 2W inches).Cushion Fabric Border/

Step 4 – Now we are going to start the sewing process. During this step we will be sewing the border onto both cutouts. First you will sew the border onto the bottom piece. Once sewn all the way around you might notice the ends are curving upwards. If so, you will want to make a few small cuts in the corners in order to have them fall flat. (See picture for example). After you have finished sewing the border onto the bottom you will repeat the same process for the top piece. Once complete, flip it in-side-out and check your corners for any mistakes. Now that you’re finished with sewing it’s time for the next step.

Sewing Cushion Pt.1 / www.vegasupholstery.comSewing Cushion Pt.2 / www.vegasupholstery.comSewing Cushion Pt.3 / www.vegasupholstery.comSewing Cushion Pt.4 / Sewing Cushion Pt.5 / www.vegasupholstery.comSewing Cushion Pt.6 / Sewing Cushion Pt.7 / www.vegasupholstery.comSewing Cushion Pt.8 / www.vegasupholstery.comSewing Cushion Pt.9 /





Step 5 – This step is a little complicated so make sure you follow the directions and read carefully. What you want to do is, cut two 9 x 2 inch pieces of fabric. You will need to use your sewing machine again. Take one and fold over one of the ends (See picture for example). Next Sew a straight line from one end to the other. After folding over the opposite end and sew a line horizontally to close the end (See picture for example). When you finish the one, you will do the exact same thing to the section strap. Once done, you are ready to apply the snaps. So, grab your press-N-snap tool with your snap and get ready to go.

Folded straps Pt.1 / www.vegasupholsteryFolded straps Pt.2 / www.vegasupholstery

Step 6 – Grab your snaps, we are going to set up your press-N-snap tool. Place the bottom and top snap into the press-N-snap. Then place one end of your strap inside the machine and press down tightly. Once you release the snaps should be locked into place. Repeat this process for the other side. After your snaps have been set into place what you will want to do is mark the corners of your cushions with a piece of chalk, indicating the placement. The next step is to sew the straps on each side (See picture for example). Snap 1/ www.vegasupholstery.comSnap 2/ www.vegasupholstery.comSnap 3/ www.vegasupholstery.comSnap 4/

Step 7- Now take your 1inch poly foam sheet and place it flat on your cutting surface. What you will do next is take your dust cover cutout again and place it on top of the foam. Trace another outline, then cut out the piece of foam. After you have cut out the piece of foam you will apply a sheet of dacron onto both sides of the foam. To do this you will lay out a sheet of Dacron and place your foam cutout on top. Then fold over the other side of the Dacron to cover the top of your foam. Once that is done, you will want to cut away the excess Dacron from the sides in order to get a perfect size. Finally once you have finished, you will take your spray glue and glue both sides of the Dacron to your foam. Thus, making one piece.

Foam cutout 1/ www.vegasupholstery.comFoam cutout 2/ www.vegasupholstery.comFoam cutout 3/ www.vegasupholstery.comDacron 1/ www.vegasupholstery.comDacron 2/ www.vegasupholstery.comDacron 3/ www.vegasupholstery.comDacron 4/






Step 8 – Final step, take your piece of foam and a newly sewn seat cover. Fold your foam over a bit in order to squeeze it into the seat cover. Keep stuffing the foam in until you incase the entire piece of foam inside. Once that is complete, go back to your sewing machine for the last time and sew the opening closed. Now that you have closed the seat cover you have a brand new comfortable seat cushion for your chair. The last thing you have to do is to place it on your chair and clamp the clips around the arms. Foam insert/ www.vegasupholstery.comSeat cushion 1/www.vegasupholstery.comSeat cushion 2/www.vegasupholstery.comSeat cushion 3/

Step 9- Take a seat and enjoy the comfort of your DIY seat cushion. Make a complete set and show them off to your friends and family!

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